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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 400  NBC  December 13, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm CST

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finding them harder to stand. pete zervakis shows you their solution to continuing their favorite outdoor activities. people looking to stay active in this bitter cold are taking shelter at one of the typically coldest places in town it's chilly in here you got to wear a coat and gloves to runners and walkers inside the pettit national ice center... we have 97,000 sq feet of ice in there the 50-degree conditions... yeah it's balmy for sure are preferable to the conditions outside. that's why they're exercising on the ice center's track. so much better to be in here today aubrey ginsberg says it's a matter not just of comfort... but safety. in conditions like today there's ice on the ground there's no way i'm walking out there. i'm over 65 and if i fall it's game over for me executive director randy dean says the crowds here always pick up on
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outdoor activities to do but once the cold weather hits - little bit of snow - they come in in droves walkers chuckle about the ice center being a ?warm, workout alternative. towards the end you can take some layers off. but yeah it is a little ironicworkers here expect the track to be busy all week with even colder temps expected tomorrow and thursday pz tmj4 the pettit is open from dollars to use the track. the milwaukee health department has some advice for staying sare in below zero weather.and while some of them may seem obvious... they could keep you from getting frostbite or worse.minimize the time youspend outside. when you do go out, let soone know where you are going and when you expect to sure to cover any exposed skin... including your fingers, nose and ears. frostbite can occur within minutes.when traveling, make
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extra clothes and high-energy sure to keep you tank at least half starting today, the fee to get a license to plow city owned alley ways will drop from 50- dollars to ten.the city of milwaukee does not plow alleys... so homeowners and landlords need to hire private contractors. currently there are only ?two? companies licensed to offer plowing services in public city alleys. the city is trying to decreasing the license fee. storm team 4's not officially winter yet, but it's definitely feeling like it.meteorologist john malan joins us now with a frigid
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search for suspects in the murder of a 15-year-old girl. melanie johnson was shot and killed last night in her home at 35th and silver spring. investigators say shots came from outside the home. they don't know if someone was targeting the teen or if she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. friends and family are holding vigil this afternoon at 4-30. and this a live looking coming to us from state fair park in west allis.despite the freezing lined up to see president elect donald trump and his soon to be vice president mike pence. they're here as part of their thank you tour.tonight's event starts at seven.we'll be following trumps visit throughout the night with a live report on live at five. wisconsin homeowners can once again expect their property taxes to go down.governor scott walker says the typical homeowner will pay 116-dollars less than in 20-10.he made the announcement in waukesha this
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save homeowners more than 17- hundred-dollars in the last six years.we'll have more on how today's announcement effects homeowners coming up in live at five. the popular "doors open" milwaukee event just got a 20- thousand-dollar grant.historic milwaukee which puts on the event received the money from the national endowment for the arts."doors open" lets thousands of people check out milwaukee buildings and neighborhoods mostly for free. as part of the grant, historic milwaukee has to raise a matching 2 from the community. a cafe in milwaukee unlike anything you've ever seen.. george mallet is in the newsroom with a story new on live at 5... steve, shannon--- here's the deal. this joint is one of a kind. the price of your meal, depends on what you can afford. some will pay more, others pay less. tonight. we'll give you a rundown of what's cooking before tomorrow's grand opening... as well as a look at the unique business model for this establishment.that's coming up on live at 5... still ahead on live at 4...
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like a great deal, but we'll look into the pros and cons with our call 4 action expert. also ahead...keeping pets warm in the cold.the three things you need to keep in mind when
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4 your money this afternoon.... here's a look now at the markets at the close of business today.... here is a heads up on how to save a few bucks on shipping costs. this friday, december 16th, hundreds of merchants will be offering free shipping on nearly all purchases made on their websites. but, before you jump at this deal, you gh and cons of shipping verses buying in store. karen stiles of our call for action office joins us in the newsroom with more information. what are some of the advantages of free shipping day? in addition to saving money on shipping costs, you avoid crowded parking lots and stores, and shop in the comfort of your warm, cozy home or office. you can also shop at multiple retailers with just a few clicks of your mouse. and, the merchants that
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guarantee that your purchases will arrive in time for christmas.what are some of the disadvantages of buying online? you may be at greater risk of scams and ripoffs, especially if you are not careful about using secure websites and wi-fi networks, or are not home when packages are being delivered. you also risk not knowing if the item you purchased is damaged or not exactly what you thought it would be. sometimes it is fu a store, look it over, compare it with other options, and leave the store, knowing that you purchased exactly what you wanted.if people want to take advantage of free shipping day, what can they do to avoid a bad use secure networks and only shop on reputable sites. thoroughly read product descriptions, return policies, and terms and conditions. do not finalize a purchase until you have thoroughly checked
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sure that you do not have multiples or extra items in your cart, and that all discounts are properly applied. have packages delivered to a secure location. and, check over your shipments as soon as they arrive. if you notice a problem, contact the retailer immediately. if you alert the retailer in time, some may be willing to overnight a replacement so that you will have it in time for christmas. steve and shannon? need help with a consumer problem? our "call for action" volunteers are ready! call 414-967-5495. or request help online. just click on the icon, on the front page of tmj four dot storm team 4 weather now.... prepare to be dealing with downright freezing cold and wind over the new few days.
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forecast now with
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time now for ask the expert....
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to take care of yourself and your kids, but sometimes we forget about the furry members of our family.joining us live this afternoon dr. rebecca jackson with some cold weather safety advice for your pet. what should people keep in mind when walking their brief on exceptionally cold days - just in and out for bathroom breaks-always wipe off paws & bellies after walks, as sidewalk salt can make them sick if they lick
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what about people whose dogs simply won't go outside for the winter?-look into products like booties or paw guard to protect their feet-if they won't use either of those, put down some straw what are the signs of hypothermia in dogs?-weakness,
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alertness, muscle stiffness, etc. any other important tips for dog's wearing a collar with up-to-date id tags and a microchip. snow can obscure familiar scents and make it
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got a question for our experts? email them at ask the expert at today's tmj4 dot com. you can also leave a voicemail. the number is just ahead.. the flaw that has a popular kitchen applaince maker recalling 8 million units..and coming up at 4:30.. winter is hard on your skin.. we'll tell you why moisturizing may not be enough
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a utah ice cream worker is receiving support from around the world after being fat- shamed by a customer. 19-year-old justine elwood was working at cold stone creamery when a woman came in with her children.she started to make mean comments about justine to
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went as far to post a yelp review where she called justine "disgustingly obese." the review was taken down, but not before justine's mom posted it on quickly went viral.when she arrived to work on saturday... she was greeted with balloons, flowers, and notes of support from around the world. "this has really restored my faith in humanity, really, because like there are really so many good people out there and we should focus more on the good than the negatives." justsa doctor.a go fund me page has been set up to help her out. a young boy from afghanistan had his dream come true today. he got to run out on the field with soccer great lionel messi. the boy became an internet sensation when a video surfaced of him wearing a plastic bag that mimicked messi's "team argentina" shirt. his dad made it for him because a real jersey was out of their means.after messi saw the video he sent the boy an
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up next...the product in your home that could leave you with broken blades in your food. plus...just in time for the holidays... apple's airpods are now much a pair of these will cost you. many sleep-aids have pain medicine but zzzquil is different because why would you take a pain medicine when all you want is good sleep? zzzquil: a non-habit forming sleep-aid that's not for pain,
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cuisinart is recalling some eight-million food processors -- after reports of people finding broken blades in their food.the consumer product safety commission says 30 people have cut their mouths or this is a major recall involving 22 food processor models. conair, which owns cuisinart, says the blade can crack over time. if you still have some shopping to do-- walmart is offering last minute pick-up on christmas eve. eligible orders must be placed online by six p-m on december 23rd. for customers looking to have items shipped... your last chance to place an order for rush delivery will be december
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offering free two-day shipping on toys, starting tomorrow through the apple's wireless airpods are now available. the airpods cost 159-dollars and you can buy them online now and in stores next week. the airpods were delayed in october after apple said it needed more time before they'd be ready for consumers. the accessories are a crucial selling point of apple's iphone 7 - which doesn't have a headphone jack. thanks for thanks for joining us today at four.there's more
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